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First, our members absolutely love receiving gifts.

Second, our members love giving gifts even more.

Third, our members love giving to those in greater need. It makes them feel they’re doing something special with whatever means they have.

Fourth, our members recognise the good work done by charities and benevolent organisations across the globe. And, they want to support them.

Fifth, is not for everyone. No-one should feel guilty for choosing not to participate. 

At we are in the business of connecting needs. With everybody wins!

signupicons.jpg How does it work?

There are four parties involved: 1) Member, 2) Nominee, 3) Beneficiary, and 4)

When Members register with us they provide the email addresses of up to ten (10) Nominees (usually friends and family members). Every year, or as a one-off event, these Nominees receive up to four automatically generated email reminders to notify them of our Member’s special event (birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day) inclusive of a suggestion for a donation to be made to a Beneficiary of our Member's choice. Therefore, Nominees get to know in advance what our Member would prefer in terms of a gift.

Giving is made easy by donating to the Beneficiary of the Member's choice electronically and directly via the Beneficiary's website. That way, 'shopping for a gift' is 100% accurate and very efficient indeed.

In the end, everybody wins:

  • our Member gets what gifts s/he wants for her/his birthday.

  • her/his Nominee gets to give a birthday gift which s/he knows is exactly what our Member wants. In addition, buying the gift may be tax deductable.

  • our member’s Beneficiary also wins because they receive funding to continue their work amongst the needy.

  • an orphan or a widow, a homeless person or a sex slave, somewhere, also wins because they get to improve their situation and their quality of life. And,

  • both our Member and win because we know that we have made a difference by looking beyond our own wants to the dire needs of others.

Indeed, everybody wins.  

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