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 GerhardCombrinck-small.png    As I turned 40 a few years ago, I realised that "my cup runneth over". Sure, I had expenses to pay. Sure, employment and income was not guaranteed - this has not changed. But what I came to realise was that, in relative terms, I was very fortunate indeed to have all my basic needs met, unlike millions of people - children and infants, the sick, the bound, the elderly, the poor - all around the globe. 

This realisation inspired me to ask friends and family members not to present me with any gift that I could use myself, but to give me a gift that others less fortunate can use instead: to choose a worthy charity and to gift the value of their intended present to me - on my behalf - to an orphan or a widdow - somewhere - who knows where? That way I could give in a very special way to a man, woman or child who was struggling to sustain that which we all received for free - life.

As they did this I came to realise that, indeed, "it is more blessed to give than to receive"!

Years later and my vision to make my 40th birthday appeal available to many more has come to fruition. What is important is not that you use the services of - although we really do appreciate your support - but that you are encouraged to look beyond your own wants to the needs of those less fortunate.

I hope I can do this in an increasing way. And I hope I have done something to inspire you to do so as well. Make a difference today. And all the best with it!



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