About Us

GiveYourGift.org is a registered not-for-profit company that is governed under the laws of Australia. Australian Company Number: 165 348 845.

We purpose to facilitate the giving of gifts - currency - which are not only desired by their receivers (our Members) but which are also beneficial and functional to their end users (our Beneficiaries).

It is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone around $3.7 billion – that is, more than three and a half billion dollarsis spent on unwanted Christmas gifts. GiveYourGift.org partly exists to turn that $3.7 billion in the United Kingdom – and much more across the globe – into wanted, functional and beneficial gifts to those in dire need of them. These are amongst the world’s poorest, sickest and most helpless humans.

Beneficiaries listed on our website are hand-picked based on their sustainable and increasingly good work to help the helpless and the needy.

As we list our Beneficiaries free of charge and without any requirement for financial or other compensation, we welcome contributions towards the upkeep and maintenance of this website and the work being done around it.

Our Members do not pay any money to us. Nor do the Nominees noted by them. 100% of all donations go directly to the Beneficiaries listed here. We earn no commission, get no kick-back and are paid no fee. 

Whilst we take care to list Beneficiaries that are complimentary to our cause, because we do not oversee their day-to-day activities, we cannot accept responsibility for their day-to-day initiatives, or lack thereof. We encourage all browsers, Members and Nominees to conduct their own research to determine the suitability of Beneficiaries, where needed. Links to each Beneficiary’s website and contact details are provided on each Beneficiary's sub-page where a link may be found to make donations and where you can learn more about what good work they do.

Our Members' details are safe with us. We do not sell them or use them in any inappropriate way, and we take care to store them very securely as well. As such, we do not release our Members' details to any party for any reason except where required to do so by law. 

In the end, we are ordinary people trying to make an extraordinary difference. As you participate in this service, and as you give your gift, you too will make a difference in an extraordinary way as well!


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