Resisting self-centeredness helps our members to resist self-interest above the needs of those in want. Our parent company - Everyday Believer Pty Ltd - is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for profit Commission (ACNC).

We are a special event reminder service that lets your friends and family know how to exchange the gift intended for you to be donated in cash format to a charity of your choice. Our members use our service free of charge. Our Beneficiaries (Charities) also pay us no money whatsoever for our service. Every cent donated goes to the charity intended by our members who record their wishes for their birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s day, wedding anniversaries – whatever event you would like to celebrate.

Whilst we welcome donations to keep us going, does not exist to make money but to channel it to the right place. In so doing, we serve as a sign post to worthy charities which exist to ease the plight of millions of people across the globe.

We have selected a few worhty causes. That said, if you do not find the charity of your choice here, why not replicate what we do here by communicating your wishes proactively to those from whom you may expect a gift for your special day? Let the people around you give as your heart desires. The choice remains yours. and Tax

Where Beneficiaries listed here are tax-deductable entities, donations made may be deducted from tax, making a birthday or Christmas gift more financially savvy than ever.

The reality is this: by sacrificing that special birthday or Christmas gift, members may very well buy the freedom of a young girl sold into sex slavery, or provide shelter for a sick baby, or make possible the holding hands of a caring nurse, or bbring the Good News of salvation. We have not created the problems of the world, but we empower our members to help fix them - today and every year following!

Our service affords you an opportunity to receive an email to serve as confirmation of the donation made so that you may add that to a card presented on the special occasion. 

Whether you make use to this free service or whether to find a charity of your own choice to support, go ahead – there is much joy in serving the needs of another.

It is more blessed to give than to receive!







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